Street-Legal Race Car? BMW M Model

Race cars epitomize power, precision and safety. They frankly have to, in order to handle the rigors of the track and ensure their drivers can come home to their families at the end of the day. Who wouldn’t love to be able to cruise – safely and responsibly of course – down the streets of Salem in one of those? Unfortunately, aside from the very prohibitive cost of owning a race car, they’re not exactly street legal.

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BMW 6 Series Overview

A full size luxury car offers drivers an experience like no other. Everything is of higher quality from the design under the hood to the leather on the seats. That is why our team here at BMW of Salem in Salem, OR is so excited about the arrival of the brand new 2018 BMW 6 Series.

The 20" wheels of this vehicle are sure to stand out and catch the eyes of your friends and family. 

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BMW 4 Series Overview

Have you test driven the new 4 series yet? You're in for a treat if you do. The latest 4 series lineup has some of the best trims available for the sporty luxury small car. With a top 10 rating from US News & World Report, the 4 series has many features that you won't find in the other competitors of this market. The 4 series received a slight refresh as well to beef up the suspension, giving the driver more of a nimble response to the road.

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What Does the 2018 BMW X1 Offer the Highway Driver?

As the base trim of the BMW X line of autos, the X1 packs what would be extras in another line of cars into its product as standard. From the engine to the seating, the BMW X1 is a step above other compact SUV models.

The BMW X1 comes standard with a 2.0-Liter I-4 engine that generates 228-horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. torque. The X1 gets 32 mpg highway which, when considering its 16.2-gallon fuel tank...

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Towing Safely

If you have a truck or an SUV, there may come a time when you want to tow a boat or a trailer. It is important that you follow some important steps so that you tow safely and don't have any problems with the trailer or your vehicle.

Before you tow, know your vehicle's towing capacity. Towing too heavy a load can damage your vehicle. Make sure that the load in the trailer is evenly distributed. 

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Getting Your Headlights Clean

When you are driving at night in Salem, you want your headlights to shine as clear and bright as possible. Over time, your headlights can get dirty and dingy, but there are ways that you can clean them up yourself.

One way to clean your headlights is to use toothpaste. Scrub your headlights using a wet rag and some toothpaste. 

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How to Know When Your Tires Are Going Bad

Tires are the only point of contact between your car and the road, so it's important to the safety of you and your family to make sure they are always in top condition. Even without the guidance of a tire expert, there are a few things to watch, listen, or check for that will provide clear signs that your tires should be replaced.

One of the easiest signs to notice is strange or excessive road noise. 

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Motor Oil Myths Explained to Drivers

Responsible car owners know that keeping oil in your car is vital to the life of your engine, so much so that it's often called the lifeblood of a vehicle. But the importance of motor oil means that some motorists falsely believe common misconceptions about motor oil.

Many drivers believe that they need to change their motor oil before embarking on a road trip, no matter the circumstance, but that isn't always true. 

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Front, Or Rear Wheel Drive: Does Pushing, Or Pulling Best Meet Your Needs?

The difference between cars with front wheel drive and rear wheel drive systems is immense. Through all of the engineering sophistication, it boils down to whether your car transfers energy from its engine to pull, or push the vehicle to produce motion. Front wheel drives use torque to pull, and rear wheel drives utilize engine output and a long drive shaft to push.

Both drive systems provide reliable power and efficiency, but they each have advantages that require special attention to maintain. 

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Powertrain vs Bumper-to-Bumper Warranties: What Should You Get

Most dealerships offer a warranty with every vehicle unless it's a real lemon. However, there are differences in warranty coverage, and just because a car comes with a warranty, it doesn't mean you are protected against major manufacturer defects or things that break on a pre-owned vehicle that were not your fault.

Powertrain warranties should cover your engine and transmission. 

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