Synthetic Oil Serves a Purpose

Don't ignore recommendations from the manufacturer or a mechanic regarding engine oil. The recommendations may have a basis in critical facts about your engine. So, if the word goes out to use synthetic oil rather than conventional, consider it wise to go with the suggestions.

Conventional oil serves as the "standard" oil many choose. There's nothing wrong with conventional oil per se, but it lacks the added protection of synthetic oil. The synthetic version relies on chemicals designed to enhance protection. The manufacturer might mandate synthetic oil due to the design of the engine. Specific engines require high-grade oil for protection. Failure to follow recommendations could lead to the premature decline of parts.

Synthetic oil comes with a great many positives. The oil produces less sludge, which can gum up an engine. And cleaning sludge is never a joy for a mechanic who charges accordingly.

Go with synthetic on your next oil change in Salem, OR. The service crew at BMW of Salem can help you with that choice.

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