BMW X3 is Built for Adventure

BMW doesn't call the X3 an SUV. Instead, it calls the X3 and SAV, an acronym for sports activity vehicle, which it believes is more accurate for the way its drivers use their vehicles. Our customers at BMW of Salem couldn't agree more, as evidenced by the popularity of the X3.

The rugged X3 is ready for any adventure you throw at it. With eight inches of ground clearance, you'll have no trouble traversing off-road terrain if you so wish. A selection of suspension options also makes sure that you and your passengers will be comfortable inside no matter where you roam.

Inside, you'll find 62.7 cubic feet of space when you fold down the two rear seats. That's more than enough for any adventure or even for when you're doing a short-term haul. If you need to tow something, BMW gives you the option of a trailer hitch too!

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