Keeping Your Wheels from Rolling Away

There is no worse feeling than walking to your car to find that it has been broken into, or worse, gone altogether. While advancements in automotive technology have made car theft very difficult for the casual thief, the increased reliance on smart technology has in some cases, made theft even easier for the professional thief equipped with specialized tools. Regardless of where you live in Salem or the vulnerability of your car, there are steps you can take to prevent theft or break-in.

Regardless of the value of your car or the skill level of the thief involved, taking simple precautions can decrease the likelihood of someone taking it. First, be sure to park in an open and well-lit area. Well-trafficked areas are preferred as the threat of surveillance cameras from nearby business is usually enough to deter all but the boldest car thief. Also, when parking can't be controlled, a traditional car alarm can be a great asset. Thieves rely on stealth to execute their plans. While often criticized for being easily disabled, car alarms still do a great job of drawing unwanted attention to the activities of a car thief. Many vehicles still come equipped with traditional car alarms and the experts at BMW of Salem in Salem, OR can show you just how effective today's car alarm can be.

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