Innovative Automotive Technology Helps to Prevent Glare

When you are driving at night, bright lights from a vehicle behind you can not only be blinding, but they can also lead to the Troxler Effect. This is a dangerous phenomenon that can delay your driver response time by as much as 1.4 seconds. This means that your vehicle can travel well over a hundred feet when traveling at 60 mph during this time period. To counter this problem, vehicle manufacturers created auto-dimming mirrors.

An auto-dimming mirror counters glare and the Troffler effect by making the mirror darker through a method called electrochromism. This occurs when an ambient light sensor picks up on glare from the headlights of a vehicle. Auto-dimming mirrors are typically designed with two sensors that work in conjunction with a microprocessor. During the 1980s, the technology gained traction and is now standard on many vehicles.

For additional information about auto-dimming mirrors, contact BMW of Salem in Salem, OR.

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