Settling Your Sights on a Point and Settling Your Stomach to Avoid Motion Sickness

If you have motion sickness, this does not mean that you have to suffer from nausea and vomiting or avoid traveling altogether. There are certain tips that can help you with the issue of motion sickness.

One tip that can help you when you are dealing with motion sickness is finding something that is distant and focusing on it. Also, avoid looking down or trying to read when you are traveling. Another thing that you can do is have a lot of fluids with you. One fluid that is very helpful is club soda. It will settle your stomach. Another fluid that is great for settling your stomach is diet coke.

At BMW of Salem, we have a ton of neat tips that can help anyone make the best of their traveling. We also have a lot of vehicles that are friendly for people that deal with motion sickness.

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