Motor Oil Myths Explained to Drivers

Responsible car owners know that keeping oil in your car is vital to the life of your engine, so much so that it's often called the lifeblood of a vehicle. But the importance of motor oil means that some motorists falsely believe common misconceptions about motor oil.

Many drivers believe that they need to change their motor oil before embarking on a road trip, no matter the circumstance, but that isn't always true. If your vehicle isn't due for an oil change during the journey, it is okay to wait until your next need oil service to have it changed. Some people also believe that synthetic motor oil can cause oil leaks, and while that was true more than four decades ago, synthetic oil has come a long way, and won't cause your car to spring a leak.

Cars can be confusing, and our service center here at BMW of Salem will help answer questions you have about your vehicle.

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