Warning Signs Your Fuel System Needs Service

We all know our car needs fuel to run, but we tend to forget how the fuel gets to the engine until the car quits working. The fuel system of your car is responsible for getting the fuel to the engine. At BMW of Salem, we can check out your car and perform fuel system services.

Here are some signs your fuel pump may be the culprit and in need of replacement.

  • Vehicle sputters intermittently when driving at high speeds
  • Temperature gauge rises and car stalls
  • Fuel pressure gauge not functioning correctly
  • Car loses power when under pressure like going uphill
  • Car suddenly surges forward when driving at normal speeds
  • Fuel mileage decreases
  • Engine fails to start

Whether your car is acting sluggish or you just want some preventative maintenance on your vehicle, we're prepared to be your one-stop service center. Call for an appointment or stop in to our service center in Salem today.

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