What Does the 2018 BMW X1 Offer the Highway Driver?

As the base trim of the BMW X line of autos, the X1 packs what would be extras in another line of cars into its product as standard. From the engine to the seating, the BMW X1 is a step above other compact SUV models.

The BMW X1 comes standard with a 2.0-Liter I-4 engine that generates 228-horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. torque. The X1 gets 32 mpg highway which, when considering its 16.2-gallon fuel tank, gets you 500 miles down the road between fill-ups. The X1 is a four-door vehicle with seating capacity for five with plenty of legroom for all. The suspension is super-absorbent with struts in the front and a multi-link suspension in the rear. Seats provide a luxurious ride on 18-inch aluminum wheels.

Check out the BMW X1 trim at BMW of Salem in Salem, OR with a close view and a test drive.

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