BMW 4 Series Overview

Have you test driven the new 4 series yet? You're in for a treat if you do. The latest 4 series lineup has some of the best trims available for the sporty luxury small car. With a top 10 rating from US News & World Report, the 4 series has many features that you won't find in the other competitors of this market. The 4 series received a slight refresh as well to beef up the suspension, giving the driver more of a nimble response to the road.

The different engine choices are dynamic as well. You can switch between different drivetrains and sport modes with the xDrive configuration. This also works with Gran Turismo, providing you the most horsepower with a twin turbo engine. Many drivers also comment on the space in the 4-series. It's definitely larger than many of the other small cars in the same market.

Want to test drive the new 4 series? Stop by BMW of Salem located in Salem, OR.

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