Brake Fluid - Just What Does It Do?

When we think of the mechanics of our car, we think of stop and go. The gas pedal, controlled by gasoline, makes it go and the brakes, controlled by brake fluid, make it stop. While we seldom forget about gasoline, we tend to forget about brake fluid until the brakes fail to operate properly. Does your car need new brake fluid? Our service center here at BMW of Salem can check out your car and perform brake fluid replacement if necessary.

Just what does brake fluid do and how does it work? Here is the process.

  • You step on the brake.
  • The brake pedal squeezes the piston, which is located in the brake caliper.
  • The pressure of the piston sends brake fluid through the brake lines.
  • The brake line pressure makes the brake pads slow the car down.

Knowing the braking process can help you determine if you need new brake fluid. Stop at our Salem shop and have us check it out for you.

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