Mufflers and Exhausts: Chromium Alloy

The exhaust system takes a lot of punishment. It is exposed to high temperatures, weather, noxious fumes, road salt, and gravel thrown up from the road. Knowing the materials that your exhaust system is made from will help you choose one that has the longest life and resistance to the elements.

Most exhaust systems simply state that they are stainless steel, but there are different grades of stainless steel. Steel is alloyed with chromium and nickel to improve its rust resistance. The higher the chromium content, the higher the rust resistance. T409 stainless has about 10.5 to 11.75 percent chromium and 0.05 percent nickel. Grade 304 grade stainless has about 20 percent chromium and 10 percent nickel.

It is important to ask questions about the metal content of your new exhaust system. Ask the service team at BMW of Salem to get the most durable system available.

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