Street-Legal Race Car? BMW M Model

Race cars epitomize power, precision and safety. They frankly have to, in order to handle the rigors of the track and ensure their drivers can come home to their families at the end of the day. Who wouldn’t love to be able to cruise – safely and responsibly of course – down the streets of Salem in one of those? Unfortunately, aside from the very prohibitive cost of owning a race car, they’re not exactly street legal.

The BMW M Model changes that. This vehicle is a race car under the hood, with its turbo-charged engine, aerodynamic body and precise, natural steering. The M Model brings the raw power and performance of the race track, safely, to the street for those whom settle for nothing but the best power and reliability.

Come visit us at BMW of Salem today for a test drive, we defy you to not smile behind the wheel of the M Model!

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