Powertrain vs Bumper-to-Bumper Warranties: What Should You Get

Most dealerships offer a warranty with every vehicle unless it's a real lemon. However, there are differences in warranty coverage, and just because a car comes with a warranty, it doesn't mean you are protected against major manufacturer defects or things that break on a pre-owned vehicle that were not your fault.

Powertrain warranties should cover your engine and transmission. These are the costliest to fix, so it's important that you have this coverage in your warranty. Most dealerships will say five-year, limited warranty, but you should ask what that covers and read through the warranty to ensure that the engine and transmission are included.

Bumper-to-bumper is used within the industry and doesn't necessarily mean what you think. There is very limited coverage with this warranty, and it doesn't include damage to your bumpers in any way. It basically only covers your electrical system, audio, and air conditioning, but there may be some additional inclusions depending on the dealership. You can ask about warranties and get a new car for a great rate at BMW of Salem located in Salem, OR.

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