Front, Or Rear Wheel Drive: Does Pushing, Or Pulling Best Meet Your Needs?

The difference between cars with front wheel drive and rear wheel drive systems is immense. Through all of the engineering sophistication, it boils down to whether your car transfers energy from its engine to pull, or push the vehicle to produce motion. Front wheel drives use torque to pull, and rear wheel drives utilize engine output and a long drive shaft to push.

Both drive systems provide reliable power and efficiency, but they each have advantages that require special attention to maintain. Front wheel systems are better suited to on-board electronic variances, while rear wheel systems work best for vehicles requiring road traction and weight distribution precision. Drivers in Salem can gain a better understanding of these drive trains with the assistance of a professional mechanic, or engineering specialist.

The certified drive train repair specialists at BMW of Salem can guide drivers when choosing a vehicle with an appropriate drive type. The difference lies in how a vehicle will be used. Whether it is a commuter vehicle, or one that will be used on the job, owners should find out the advantages of both.

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